Wholesale Diamonds Oakland County

Wholesale Diamonds Oakland County (248) 243-9000 has an exceptionally high quality display of wholesale diamonds. The overall value of these diamonds and other jewelry are among the best in Oakland County Michigan.

Wholesale Diamonds Oakland County is among the most reputable providers of designer jewelry, made from Silver, Gold, Platinum and more; fitted with real diamonds, CZ, Precious and Semi Precious stones, imitation stones all to satisfy the demands of our regular buyers in North America and Canada.

Wholesale Diamonds of Oakland County offers outstanding quality products at competitive prices. We believe that nothing short of exceptional quality and consistency is good enough for our customers.

By interacting with our prestigious customers and listening carefully, we are able to satisfy all their desires without modification or substitution.

We manufacture our products to meet all of our customers' specifications and nothing leaves our facility before thorough testing for quality assurance.  Various Quality Control testings is performed in our own state of the art testing facilities. 

We encourage our clients to give us as much feedback as possible so we can maintain our high standards of quality.  Our process for reviewing this informatin has allowed us to improve where necessary to keep business thriving and most important, to keep our customers happy.